Solar Shades: Some Crucial Facts To Know Before Buying It For Your Home

Today, the most pressing point in the world is energy conservation. High-efficiency sun shades can block up to 95 percent of sunrays and depending on your requirement, you might want to choose shades that do not block so much sun light. Solar shades are widely used in commercial environments or places like retail stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals etc but in the last few years, it has become a new trend to use them in residential areas, specifically in kitchens, bedrooms and other places by providing great looking window treatments, while keeping unwanted heat or sunlight out of the room.

Money benefit

Economic benefits are the most pronounced advantages of solar shades. According to studies, you can save as much as 35 percent of the energy consumed by your HVAC system by using solar shades.

Protection against harmful sunrays

Solar shades prevent these harmful rays from entering your home and hence, protect you against such dangerous repercussions.

Protect your interior furnishings

In the long run you will e able to save more money since solar shades protects rugs, and many more.

Easy to maintain

Occasional cleaning is adequate to retain their efficiency but you should make it a point to prevent accumulation of dust and grime on them because dirt particles reduce the efficiency of sun block. So, you can enjoy a pest-free home by using solar shades.

Worth your money

They are very tough and long lasting as well and within some time of installation, they begin to pay back since they save a significant percentage of your energy bills every month. So, you cannot refute the benefits of solar shades.

If you are renovating your home and planning to go for Solar Shades then do have a look at some of the hidden facts discussed below about it before buying it.


When it comes to installation, it requires ladders if it needs to be mounted on the windows of the second floor and storing the screens could be quite difficult to get rid of if you don’t have a garage or any separate store room.


Woven solar shades offer ample benefits & great protection against sunlight & heat, but they are black so some people may feel uncomfortable with its appearance.

Solar Shades reduces the amount of glare and block the UV rays, which at the end protect your furniture, upholstery, decorations and another area of your home from getting damaged due to constant exposure to the sunlight.

These types of window coverings are more suitable for the office buildings or individual homes but, you can install it within your bedroom or media room, where you don’t want the sunlight or glare.

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