Some of the Benefits of Text Message Marketing

People prefer using SMS since it is delivered immediately. Being that it does not take you a lot of time to draft and send a message people have considered it one of the fastest marketing methods. His speed has made some people to compare it with lighting since it can take an average of seven seconds to deliver a text. You should also know that we have other marketing strategies that are faster but they cannot exceed text message.

Apart from that it is also a flexible marketing platform. You find that you can send a text message to one person, a group of people, special category of people and even to the entire list of contacts in your handset. Another thing with this method is that you can customize how you send message in that they only go to the group of people that you want. The advantage with customizing your texts is that it will be giving you easier time especially when you want to send a message to large number of people. Another thing that makes it flexible is that you can also use online platforms to send text messages. There has been a lot of improvement and development when it comes to online technology to an extent that even the text messages can be sent through online platforms.

Another benefit of text message marketing is the high open rate. Unlike methods of marketing with text messages number of people that open and read the text messages are many compared to other methods like email. This is something that is delivered through your handset and this is one thing that large number of users does not put it down and once it rings you will be checking on it. In other cases you find that the messages are opening automatically without you doing it. This is quite the opposite of email as just a few messages are read and the majority are not even opened. In addition, emails will require an internet connection to operate them.

Text message marketing is also one of the reliable marketing methods. You find that when you send a text message it will go directly to the receiver without following other channels. Unlike emails which must pass through filters to differentiate between a spam and the genuine one. Some of the emails will not even reach you if they are spam.

Another advantage is that it has a large market. If you could compare the number of people that are using text messages and emails you will find the they are very many. This is because many people have abandoned mail and others are not much into that technology as they can use easily is text message which you will only need to know how to read.

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