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Posting Policy
I welcome comments on my ideas. However, this is not really a community discussion site, in the likes of LinuxMedNews so I will approve all comments. I am not interested in hearing "Wow your articles are right on" or "you work for an Open Source company, so you are biased" (which are both true btw) or even "you suck because ... (insert blah blah here)"

What I will be looking for valid realistic critiques on my ideas. Tell me how and why you disagree with me. If you agree with my arguments, but disagree on small points or feel that I have overlooked something, tell me. I plan on regularly updating the articles in responses to good ideas, and I plan to give full credit to good criticsm.

By posting you agree that any thing you post here is released under the same license as the website itself.

To make a comment you need to make a user or login. It is not possible for you to comment on the article itself. You need to look for the news post regarding that article. These should be on the main page.