How is CBG different from CBD?

Cannabigerol ( CBG ) is one of the over 100+ cannabinoids found in cannabis. It’s also known as the “stem cell” cannabinoid because it’s non-psychoactive and widely present in strains that are rich in CBD .

Cannabidiol ( CBD ) is another type of cannabinoid. Unlike CBG , CBD is psychoactive and does not produce a “high.”

While CBG has not been researched as much as CBD or THC, initial studies show that this cannabinoid offers some distinct benefits already. One unique thing about CBG is that it can offer medical effects even without being bonded to a psychoactive chemical compound like THC. This means that CBG gummies can offer health benefits without producing any high-like effects in patients using CBG gummies  for anxiety.

CBD vs. CBG: What’s the difference?

The differences between CBD and CBG are important because they provide the biochemical basis for the wide range of medicinal effects marijuana offers.

In addition, while both have been studied for their medical benefits, more research on CBG may lead to new treatments being developed with little or no psychoactive effects.

Cannabis plants produce a unique family of terpeno-phenolic compounds known as cannabinoids, which produce the plant’s signature effect and can be found in the essential oils of cannabis flowers. Cannabinoid production is part of the process called biosynthesis . It is initially produced in the form of a precursor acid by the assembly and modification of terpene molecules .

Growers can manipulate the cannabinoid profile by selecting which strains to grow. By controlling the amount of light, growers control the plant’s growth stage. Growers manipulate the size, shape, density, and potency of harvested flowers ( buds ) through selective breeding practices like feminized seeds , cloning , cuttings, high-intensity light deprivation , and nutrient deprivation .

The two primary cannabinoids produced are cannabigerolic acid ( CBGa ) and cannabidiolic acid ( CBDa ).The plant grows male or female plants that flower based on light exposure. The male plants produce little THC because most trichomes grow on female flowers. But trichomes on male plants produce CBG , the stem cell cannabinoid.

CBG gummies effects

One of the main components in CBG gummies has been proven to have similar effects as CBD.

While this is something that CBG gummies can offer, CBG doesn’t have nearly as many medicinal benefits as CBD does, and CBG only contains about 1/10th the amount of CBD found in medical marijuana plants.

This means that the CBG concentration within CBG gummies is not going to be very significant at all!

Now for those who are unaware, thc gets you high by binding to thc receptors in your brain. That’s why it’s so tough to get off once you start using because these receptors become accustomed to having that level of thc binding to them all day long! CBD however does not bind to CBG receptors within your brain, instead CBD binds to CBG receptors found in the rest of your body.

This is why CBD has so many great medical benefits whereas CBG, at least when consumed orally, doesn’t really offer much other than a slight muscle relaxer effect every once in awhile.