A Guide to Selecting the Best Garbage Disposal

Today, we see many high-tech tools installed in our homes including out kitchens. Even garbage disposal units today are getting their share of high technology today. Of course, there are more high-tech appliances in your kitchen, but this garbage disposal unit is very useful in keeping your kitchen clean and odor and bacteria free.

Only the rich people home’s were known to have garbage disposal systems before, but now almost every home kitchen has one. These garbage disposal systems can help you dispose of leftover chicken bones, peels, coffee grinds, and other garbage stuff. This makes you have less garbage to handle.

Below are some considerations to make for choosing a garbage disposal unit that is right for your new home or one to replace your old one.

The fist important thing to consider is that the garbage disposal system should be compatible with your plumbing system. Check if your plumbing and sewer hookups are compatible with the disposer and if it is, what kind is it.

Consider the type of garbage disposal unit. Garbage disposers can be the continuous feed model or the batch feed model, which are the two common types. As the name suggest the continuous feed runs continuously as long as the switch is turned on. The batch feed model runs only when the unit cover is in place, allowing you to dispose of a limited amount of food at a time. The continuous feed model is the more popular of the two. With this model, more waste can be disposed of at one time. If you want more safety features, then you should get the batch feed model. It will only run when you have already covered the disposer.

Garbage disposal units run on power which you also have to consider. You can get garbage disposal units to run from one fourth horsepower to one horsepower motors. The bigger the horsepower, the higher the cost. The size of your household and the amount of waste you are disposing should determine the type of garbage disposal motor power to get.

Consider the dishwasher drain connection. This is because if there are food particles in the dishwasher it could be ground and flushed out through the disposal unit.

If you are considering the material for your garbage disposal, a stainless steel model will help prevent corrosion. The best garbage disposer to install in your new home is a very durable one.

Consider also the noise level of your garbage disposer. Extremely loud noises can be made by these garbage disposal units. You can buy low volume disposer but they will cost you more. You can save money on a noisy model if you don’t really mind the noise.

If you want to make your kitchen running efficiently , then you should choose the right garbage disposal unit for your home.

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