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 The False Dichotomy: ASP vs Self Hosting 

(571 Reads) Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2008 - 02:38 PM
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Sevocity recently sponsored an article entitled Tailwinds for Web-based Medical Systems. This is an interesting article where they argue that ASP-based solutions are growing in acceptance among users. Of course, Sevocity offers an ASP based solution. The beginning of the story is pretty interesting, they claim:

Personally I always question statistics that round nicely to multiples of %5, with no mention of how many actual people were covered in the survey.

The rest of the article is trying to push the idea that "The cloud is OK". Of course, this is exactly what someone offering cloud services would say. They have not mentioned the tremendous lack of control that this offers the practice. Essentially this takes vendor lock-in to new levels. Unless of course, the software used to host the solution is GPL or AGPL. With a GPL-based solution, you have the right to move the instance from your server to the cloud, if your server is too inconvenient. If the cloud goes down, or it costs to much, you can also move it to your own server.

Note that ClearHealth is offering instances of ClearHealth based on the Amazon Cloud.


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