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 AcerMed is officially dead. 

(3443 Reads) Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - 03:28 AM
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AcerMed has officially given up the ghost. AcerMed clients received this fax.
(I have removed the personal contact information of the employees to protect the innocent. If you have trouble reading this, right click on the fax and choose "view image". I had to shrink it to make it fit...)

letting them know that their vendor has gone out of business. The intrepid Robert Gleeman managed to get an interview with AcerMed's president Richard Yonis. According to Yonis, AcerMed was sunk through a double whammy, a "failure of the legal system"( a lawsuit brought by Medinformatix) and a poorly timed bout of poor health for the CTO of AcerMed.

As I suspected, it seems the AcerMed people were not dishonest. They claim they did not steal copyrighted code. Personally I think this indicates just how easily a company can be destroyed by a lawsuit gone badly. While there is a tremendous amount of venom being directed towards AcerMed, I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt. The important thing to note here is what did NOT matter. The AcerMed people seemed decent enough: did not matter. AcerMed was CCHIT certified: did not matter. AcerMed was recommended in the industry press and by industry experts: did not matter.

Companies get sued, people get sick. When will the medical community wake up to the fact that proprietary medical software is incompatible with medicine, incompatible with free thought and dangerous to patient data? First Dr. Notes now AcerMed: is it time to wake up?


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