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(1418 Reads) Posted on Monday, March 19, 2007 - 08:43 PM
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Several people have criticized me for admitting that I was wrong, there is some confusion as to what, exactly I was admitting I was wrong about. So first, some clarification. I was wrong when I predicted an underwhelming release.

Medsphere has betrayed the community, this has not changed. When Eric Raymond and I were trying to negotiate peace between the Medsphere and the Shreeves, I asked for two things from Medsphere.

Since that time, Medsphere has continued to pursue the Shreeves. So I have added another item to my list of requests.

Medsphere has released two of the three original components on sourceforge. They changed the license on one two a bastardized FOSS license commonly referred to as "bannerware". As a result they are exactly 2/9ths of the way to reconciling the relationship with the community.

To get me to shut-up, Medsphere will need to do all three of the things that I have asked for. Because, while I may be wrong sometimes, I am usually right (and never in doubt!)

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