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 What Medsphere will try next 

(1752 Reads) Posted on Thursday, February 08, 2007 - 01:07 PM
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One of Ken Kizers recent statements indicates that Medsphere is planning a "release" soon. It would be madness for them to release the same code that they are suing the Shreeves for releasing so here is what I think will happen.

Medsphere will release a version of "VistA" under an open source license. The license will probably not be the GPL, since that would mean that they might later have trouble interfacing that code with proprietary modules they might release. Medspheres “release” will be at least 90% standard VistA. Medsphere will take something that is public domain and put it under a FOSS license and say "See, we are open source!!". They will point to minor improvements (or merely changes) and say, “see we have contributed to the community!” However when a real VistA mumpster takes a look at the release, they will be underwhelmed.

I am writing this now for two reasons. 1. Even I can not resist a good "I told you so!" and 2. to warn Medsphere that this will not work. The community you are trying to fool is made up of smart people. What they, and I, want is a reversal of direction. Anything less than a reversal remains a betrayal but puts salt in the wound. It implies that you think we, as a group, can be bought off. If you try to get some headlines from a "release" and it is bogus, I promise that I will pursue even bigger headlines saying.... "This is bogus".


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