Advantages of Using a Pipettor

Pipettors are considered important laboratory tools. They are designed to dispense and carry measured volumes of liquid. Pipettors work by creating a vacuum above the device chamber. It holds a specific amount of liquid then it releases the vacuum to dispense and draw based on the preferred volume of the user.

Various industries use pipettors for laboratory activities. Apart from clinical and medical facilities, pipettors are also used in beverage and food firms as well as pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories. Pipettors offer a lot of peerless benefits. Some of the most enticing benefits of pipettors include:

Makes drawing of liquid samples easier.

Drawing liquid samples can be tricky. Ensuring the volume is accurate is also not a one-step process. This is especially true if the process is done manually. It is common for volume fluctuations to occur during manual transfer.

This can result in the quantities to be inaccurate or the liquid going to waste. Fortunately, when you use a pipettor, the liquid dispensed can be properly controlled and the risk of inaccurate transfer or spilling is avoided.

Improves accuracy.

You have the option to calibrate pipettors to draw only a specific amount of liquid. Understandably, it can be difficult to draw small amounts of liquid as it cannot be measured easily unlike larger amounts. Fortunately, you can use a pipettor to draw and dispense liquid steadily and accurately.

Helps prevent contamination.

Since users will only handle a certain part of the pipettor, contamination can be easily prevented. Contamination is also kept at bay as liquid is drawn directly from the source container and dispensed into another container. To ensure the liquid is not exposed to contaminants, the liquid is kept at a semi-vacuum during the handling process.

Minimises hand fatigue.

Pipettors are ergonomically designed to facilitate comfortable handling. With a pipettor, the user’s hands are relaxed when drawing and dispensing liquids so hand fatigue is kept to a minimum.