Primary Features Of Light Novels.

Light novels are very different from other types of novels. Apart from the fact that this novel is light which is known by many people, other differences exist. Their covers are designed in Mange styles. The books are intended for children in teenage. This type of novel is short in length. The language used is precise to avoid making the book longer. They avoid stylistic devices that can make the story longer than necessary. Japan is the part of the world where these novels are popular even though they are read in other parts. Most of the bookshop in Japan has a copy of light novel.

The name of these books originated from Japan. English is not the origin of light novels even if it sounds so. Even when light novel seems to have an English origin, this is not true.People from Japan use the word Wasei-eigo. The word is known by many people. Outside Japan these books are referred to as Japanese novellas. The style used in writing light novels makes them very unique. Unlike the common books they only use very few illustrations. A few number of illustration are used in light novels unlike in the other books. Writers make use of simple languages to make reading them easier. When you are about to begin a capital this is when an illustration can be used. They are also intended to bring new place and character.

In the past years you could only see black and white illustration but today they come in colors. The color change is just one of the other changes worldwide. There are reasons as to why these novels use the anime style. The major cause is the history. Japan is the origin of these novels. This type of novel is a developed from pulp magazines. This magazine only used classic style but the need to attract more readers saw many changes done. The anime styles become more popular and the old styles were abandoned. Illustration become part of the book but only in certain sections.

The magazines expanded their content from the simple articles to more stories about the movie industry and also anime. Stories about video games were also added. More people started reading the books more so the new generation and this called for addition of more illustrations. The commonly used stylistic device in the novels is poetry. The country has a great taste of poetic books. Light novel is not just short such that it can be completed while you are on a short ride. This is a false belief. Length is not what defines a light novel. Some books meant for children serve adults. This happens in the common novels but not in light novels. Failing to research after wring is the cause for this problem. With a light novel you can be sure that everything is right and they serve the right people.

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