Weedtubers: Turning Habit into Profit

Many people make money through their YouTube videos. You could post on almost any topics, which when it gets viewed many times, can make you very rich. Weedtubers are the new thing that is happening. The term refers to individuals who earn an income from filming their weed smoking sessions and posting them on YouTube. We have a few of them who have made a lot of money through this.

The most famous is Joel Hradecky, referred to as the King of Weedtubers. The speed at which he has reached 1.2 million followers is impressive. His videos consist of many ideas around smoking weed. One of his posts had him trying to finish off some THC oil, which is very potent, and over 1.3 million people were watching. The sequel to this video has over 1.5 million watching the effects of the potent drug. It it seems people like to see how others are suffering.
His appeal is not limited to his display of pain or the entertainment value of his videos. He is ready to give people advice on which weed smoking aids to purchase, along with the best varieties.

There is a more informative Weedtuber by the name Josh Young, whose YouTube channel is more educative. He knows more about weed, and likes to share this information on his channel. He frequently smokes weed live on his channel, and is regarded as a partner in the habit by many of his followers. He also has a wild side, which has him posting some extreme videos. He so far has 373,000 followers.

For a more interactive channel, a lady Weedtuber called Coral Reefer has a Sunday show in which she handles her follower’s marijuana usage questions. She is very involved in the whole idea of weed and how it benefits people. Whenever there are cannabis functions; she will be there, ready to share the experience with her subscribers.

Jane Dro’s YouTube channel takes a more sober and informative approach to the concept of weed smoking. She has an indoor growing area, where she shows her viewers the growing process and offers tips on how best to ensure your crop grows well. Apart from that, she will showcase different types of weed.

Soundrone’s YouTube channel shows more than just smoking weed, but also how to handle the munchies. He looks at products beyond the various species of weed. He will review some of the snacks that work well as munchies solutions. he also smokes weed as he does these videos. The reviews have shown that he is also an entrepreneur.

All these Weedtubers have managed to make this pastime lucrative. You can feel inspired by these individuals. You may have an idea that will catch our attention and retain out interest.